Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Scent for New Year!

For Christmas by dearest friend in the world gave me a wonderful little bottle of Lilly Pulitzer's Wink. I fell in love with the scent, and have been wearing it every day since. I work from home so wearing perfume isn't something I make a habit of doing. Nobody is going to smell me here except the team mascots Sadie and Cutter!

But I soon realized that each time I caught a slight smell of my wrist it made me smile. So this year I am going wear the lovely little scent every day, and not just on Sundays at church or special occasions! Also is having a 50% off sale on Lilly fragrances until tomorrow! So I went over and got myself another bottle and will be happy wearing this happy scent every day. Even if it is only for my team mascots!