Monday, June 21, 2010

NEW...Monogrammed Insulated Market Totes!!!

So I have always been a fan of the market tote and love the idea of carrying it to the farmers market to keep all of our goodies in one place instead of having to drag around a bunch of bags! Well, now I am bigger fan of them if that is even possible...they are insulated! I love to keep mine in the car especially this time of year when I decide to run to the market and get a few things (which usually means ice cream!) then I realize that I have a few other errands to run and had I thought it through I would have saved the market for last, but I didn't and well you know the story, my ice cream is now soft serve. So, now with having the insulated market tote with me I can run those few extra errands and still have nice hard ice cream when I get home!

We got just a few in so our supplies are hurry and get your ice cream saver today!